As recently noted by John Lehndorff, Colorado based freelance food critic, “A rapidly growing swath of the American population from elementary school kids (Centennials) to Millennials through Baby Boomers want more. They want simpler, healthy food that uses sustainable ingredients with transparent sources. They want more choice to fit the food to their individual needs.” This internet savvy group has had their tastes honed in restaurants, shopped at local farmers’ markets and watched a variety of food television shows.

For many who enjoy food and like to eat well, doing it all can be time consuming and frustrating.  Meal planning, shopping, and cooking can add a lot of time and stress to an already overburdened schedule.  The fast food industry has grown exponentially in the U.S. over the past 50 years to accommodate more “busy” people who need to eat, and the Internet has allowed most of us to become even busier! 

Transparency in Food Denver

The largest fast food chains are finally starting to recognize the increasing demand for healthier food and a new breed of “fast casual” dining is soaring in popularity.    Promoting locally sourced ingredients and more interesting, often regional preparation techniques, today’s new dining can feature more plant based menu options and highlight local food sources.  From calories and fat content to carbs and cholesterol, today’s consumers want more and better information about what they are eating, how it is prepared, and where it comes from.

FOODIES at Belleview Station aims to offer an eclectic and interesting variety of regional and ethnic foods and will encourage the use of fresh, healthy, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients in our vendor’s menu options.